Attention Potheads: Washington State Isn’t Quite Colorado Just Yet

Depending on the environment you are in, the new legalization law in Washington doesn’t save you from getting into trouble if you want to spark up or just transport some weed.
There are a few stipulations to the law that state that certain social situations are still not weed friendly, and if a cop or any similar authority figure is nearby, they can still take you downtown if you disagree.
Here are some rules pertaining to the new weed etiquette marijuana users in Washington are supposed to follow if they don’t want to get harassed in public or at work.
1. You are still technically not allowed to sell it-The new law requires residents to buy their greens in sketchy looking storefronts where only weed can be bought.
You can’t just sell some bud to a co worker if your boss is a prick and if a cop finds enough weed in your car that it looks like you’re a dealer, the standard law in all other states still applies. Bummer.
2. You can’t fucking grow it!-Unless you have a medical marijuana permit, you’ll get handcuffed if cops find a plant in your apartment.
3. You’re only allowed a certain amount-The most plant-form weed you can own is 28 grams.
4. You can still get in trouble for driving high-If a cop pulls you over for driving like a dumbass and either smells smoke or thinks you look high, the motherfucker can drive you over to a police station and give you a blood test that you will fail if you have over 5 nanograms of THC in your blood.
5. You can’t smoke outside-Weed is legal but you still cannot enjoy a nice L on your porch without worrying that some cop having a bad day will come give you shit.
6. You can’t smoke in a public place-Apparently, if they give us the right to smoke inside a public place, like a concert, they think we’ll all just light up in the middle of a hospital or elementary school.
7. Your boss can still drug test you and fire you if you fail-Your boss can still decide whether or not it’s okay for his or her employees to smoke weed. If your boss thinks you’re high at work or you just smoke too much, you can still get drug tested and fail like the law never even happened.

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