Federal Law regarding marijuana in Washington

After the November election that made marijuana use legal in Colorado and Washington, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency released a statement that said, "Enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged. In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. The Department of Justice is reviewing the ballot initiatives and we have no additional comment at this time." Medical marijuana dispensaries have not experienced any threat of prosecution from the federal government, and medical sellers hope that the DEA will look the other way for recreational sellers, too. Many experts say, however, that even licensed and regulated marijuana businesses could end up in the federal government's crosshairs and would be subject to shutdown at any time. In a recent interview, President Obama stated that the federal government would not pursue users in states where the drug is legal, but he didn't address whether or not growers and sellers would be targeted by the Justice Department.
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