How to Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana

Openness with your family is important. If you want to inform your parents that you smoke marijuana you should consider several things first.
Gauge your parents' feelings about marijuana. Are they strongly against it? Did they smoke it themselves at one point in time? This can help you gear your talk to them.
Decide why you want to tell them that you smoke marijuana. Is it because you feel tired of trying to hide it from them? Is it because you want to quit? Because they might find out eventually? Because you want to rebel or make them angry? Or is it because you wish to have an honest conversation with them or express your opinions on the matter? Honesty with yourself and your parents can lead to a big breakthrough in your relationship with them.
Talk to a few trusted role models and friends to sort out what you will say before telling your parents.
Preface your discussion with "There's something I want to tell you because I know you want me to be honest with you." It's also good to pick a "good day" to tell them. If your dad got laid off from his job, you should probably put it off for a week or two.
Be prepared for the initial shock or rejection of your parents, but realize that the fact that they may not condone your past/present behaviour doesn't mean they love you any less.
Have accurate information on hand for their questions. Let them know you are aware of the health risks, and show them the medical facts about marijuana. Remember to tell them that you understand the difference between therapeutic use and abuse.
Tell them your personal reasons for using marijuana. Encourage them to do their own research about the medicinal value of marijuana as well as its brain-protecting properties. If they value individualism, they will be concerned about your over-all usage of illegal AND legal drugs for health and welfare reasons rather than on the basis of misleading sensationalism and manipulation of the media's portrayal of illegal drugs. An excellent site to find accurate information about the subject is
Ask them to help support you if you are trying to quit. Their help can make the difference. If you aren't quitting, ask them to respect your decision and ask them why they aren't concerned that the government they pay taxes to is using their money to fund a corrupted DEA that stole evidence of the cure for cancer to allow private pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs which mock the effects of marijuana in order to toy with the hopes of American cancer patients, offering them a synthetic version of the real thing which will keep them alive long enough to drain their finances to pay the absurd costs of the drugs, but not allow them the cure which already exists naturally without man's greed-driven interference.
Make sure to tell them that you understand that Marijuana is a drug, and like alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and like any other substance-- even food, it must be consumed with conscientious moderation meaning only after researching it's effects, potential side effects, addictiveness, and making sure the drug actually has a practical application to help fix a physical or mental condition-- as drugs should be combined with human assistance/therapy to provide the best possible plan for recovery.
But, if you have only done it once and you let them know, the outcome may be better for you. Let them know the whole story, and see what happens.
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