Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)

Recent Decision from the Washington Court of Appeals
A recent decision by the Washington Court of Appeals has clarified thatChapter 69.51A RCW  provides qualified patients with a valid recommendation and their designated providers with only an affirmative defense to criminal prosecution. This includes qualified patients and designated providers who participate in collective gardens.  Cannabis Action Coalition v. City of Kent (PDF) .
Liquor Control Board Issues Medical Marijuana Recommendations to Legislature
The Washington State Liquor Control Board recommendations on regulating medical marijuana  in relation to Initiative 502 were submitted to the legislature on December 18, 2013.
Passage of Initiative 502 – Recreational Marijuana
I-502 authorizes the sale of marijuana in Washington by retailers licensed through the Liquor Control Board. The rules implementing the initiative will not be completed for about one year. You may find information about the implementation of I-502 on Liquor Control Board's website . The initiative does not amend or repeal the medical marijuana laws (Chapter 69.51A RCW) in any way. The laws relating to authorization of medical marijuana by healthcare providers are still valid and enforceable. Some additional information about I-502 and the current medical marijuana laws is available in our frequently asked questions. For more information from the Department of Health visit our Recreational Marijuana page.
Information for Healthcare Providers on the Medical Cannabis Law (ESSB 5073)
In 2011, the legislature changed the requirements for providing medical marijuana (cannabis) recommendations to qualifying patients by passingESSB 5073 . The Department of Health has received several reports and complaints about healthcare providers inappropriately recommending medical marijuana or not following the requirements established in law. In an effort to ensure that all healthcare providers are familiar with the law and follow requirements and practice standards when recommending medical marijuana (cannabis), we've developed a list of frequently asked questionsfocused on providers. More information for providers on the medical cannabis law (PDF) is online.

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