Partner with someone who is already in the medical marijuana business in another state

Avoid the headache of having to figure out every potential problem you will face by partnering with someone who's already been through this rigmarole in another state. The benefits are obvious.
Harold Brooks Jr., a Vero Beach dentist, incorporated Marijuana Florida and Marijuana Miami on January 31. "I see a number of people who come in wheelchairs and who have debilitating diseases," he says. "They can't wait for medical marijuana to be legal. They really believe it will help them quit Vicodin and other drug dependencies they have."
When he gets into the business, he's got an experienced hand to count on. His son, Steve Brooks, owns two dispensaries and four grow facilities in Colorado. "He's planning to open two more dispensaries and just opened a store for recreational users," Harold says. "He loves Miami and would love to open down there if medical marijuana becomes available."
Via telephone, Steve Brooks says he was building high-end single-family homes until a building boom went bust about four years ago. He partnered with two other builders to open their first dispensary in Denver in late 2010. "I got into this business not knowing anything about it," Steve says. "I had never grown a cannabis plant in my life, and I had never run a retail business. I hired a company to manage and consult on the grow end, and I hired the right people on the retail side."
Things that are basic daily tasks for normal retail businesses become far more complicated in the pot world. Like simply making deposits. Steve says he was lucky to find a local bank, which he would not name, willing to let him open an account. "The bank we're with doesn't do it out in the open," Steve says. "If they did, they would be flooded with applications from medical marijuana companies."
His dispensaries don't accept personal checks, and though he's working with his bank to accept credit card payments, he deals primarily in cash for now. Steve declined to say how much he brings in per day but revealed that he hired an armored truck service to pick up money daily. "However, the federal government put pressure on the armored truck industry to stop servicing us," Steve says. "They have made it more dangerous for the public and the business owner. Now we use a security company to courier money, but we would prefer the armored truck."
Now you can set up your THC extraction business! The final product will be a dark, oily liquid that contains 70+% pure THC. The following steps require nothing more than simple, easy to find materials and a little time.
Advantages of THC oil:

* No hot, harsh smoke to irritate your lungs
* No tar to stain your teeth and fingers
* Very little smell
* 5 times as much THC in bloodstream
* Get 5 times as many "trips" per $$$ as compared to joint/bong smoking
* No carcinogens to give you cancer
* The list goes on and on but let's get down to business...
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