Retain a lawyer who knows the medical marijuana industry

In Washington, attorneys are coming out of the weed fields to offer their expertise. In 2009, Feiler's daughter Allison Feiler and his ex-wife, Miami-Dade County Court Judge Loree Schwartz Feiler, opened a dispensary in Denver called Green Tree Medicinals. "As their attorney, I helped them navigate the laws in Colorado," Jeff Feiler says. "I made sure they knew what had to be done to meet the rules and regulations." Today Green Tree is about to open a fourth Colorado store.
Attorneys with strong ties to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Lawsare also gearing up for the coming crop of cannabis captains seeking consiglieres. Norm Kent, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer who sits on NORML's board, and his law partner Russell Cormican recently incorporated Florida Cannabis Consultants LLC. Paul Petruzzi, a Miami lawyer who's been a NORML member for ten-plus years, launched a Facebook page to promote his new side gig, Florida Marijuana Licensing LLC.
In April, Julian Stroleny and Christopher Pagan, a pair of 29-year-old litigators, quit their jobs at the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office to get in on the pot boom. Pagan, who grew up in Fort Lauderdale, prosecuted serious felony cases such as shootings, rapes, and drug trafficking. Asked how many grow-house cases he prosecuted, Pagan replied, "Too many, unfortunately."
Stroleny, a Coconut Grove native, handled misdemeanor drug cases and DUIs. "A high percentage were cannabis cases," he affirms. "In Florida, you can't claim medical use as a defense. The constitutional amendment [will change] that."
Stroleny and Pagan quit to get into medical marijuana consulting for the same reason everyone else is: cash money. Stroleny says his father recently passed away and he now has to help his mom and brothers. Pagan says he's having a baby.
"The State Attorney's Office doesn't pay very well," Stroleny adds. "We get paid less than a school teacher. We found ourselves in a position where we had to provide for our families."
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