Value THC extraction tools in Washinton, U.S.

As such, we offer the most advanced extraction technology available today. There are a variety of effective and efficient extraction solvents available. Stripper Cell offers multiple systems to best utilize these elements. 

Stripper Cell has been working with SFE-CO2 (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) since 2004. Since then, Stripper Cell has continuously improved the processes and the technologies. Our goals are to optimize existing products and develop new, high-quality solutions for a variety of markets using our latest designs. A combination of extensive extraction experience and advanced mechanical technology create optimal outcomes. Such results include shorter extraction times, wider range of use, energy efficiency and cost effective, tailored solutions which give our customers an edge.

Stripper Cell latest generation, just released in April 2013 is named the Hi-flo Supercriticalsystem. It has revolutionized the Supercritical CO2 extraction application. From a functional perspective, this new technology extracts 3-4 times faster than any of our competition, including our older systems.