Washington Marijuana

Washington state regulators on Wednesday approved the sale of cannabis-infused treats by marijuana dispensaries, with one exception: nothing that may appeal strongly to kids.
"There are no bans except those products that may be 'especially' appealing to children," Brian Smith, communications director for the state Liquor Control Board, told The Huffington Post. "The key word is 'especially.' We recognize that there are some products that adults and children may like. However, there are some products on the medical market now that a reasonable person would say are especially appealing to kids."
This means foods like brownies, cookies or other baked goods may be more likely to be approved by the board, while items like candies or lollipops may face more difficulty getting approved.
Sanctioned marijuana edibles must receive mandatory product and label approval from the board; serving size must be clearly indicated on the product packaging; and each product must be tested to ensure that the infused cannabis-based compound, like THC or CBD, is uniformly spread throughout the food product.
Hector Castro, communications director of the state's Department of Agriculture, told HuffPost that seven commercial kitchens have passed the department's inspection so far, and 18 more kitchens are in the queue and ready to be inspected. Smith said one kitchen, located in Seattle, has already been fully licensed.
Despite shortages of legal weed, Washington state dispensaries began selling recreational marijuana for the first time earlier this month. Fewer than 10 shops were able to open across the state on the first day of sales, but those fortunate businesses were met with throngs of exuberant shoppers and sold thousands of bags of weed in that first week alone.
Seattle's only dispensary, Cannabis City, opened with about 11 pounds of marijuana to sell. Owner James Lathrop told HuffPost last week that he expected his shop to sell out, but wound up selling only about 35 percent of his stock on day one. The shop had enough product to stay open for two more days, but was closed by the end of the week when it ran out of pot.

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